Reuse Leftover Candles

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A few years ago, I started researching how to make candles and there was a whole stream of how to's, but the one that caught my eye was how to reuse your leftover candles. Honestly, I wish I had saved the link but I didn't I would of love to give credit to that person whom open up my eyes on not to throw out your used up candles.

For many years I've been reusing my leftover candles I even taught my mother. I gave her a set of 6 metal votive  and a pack of wax wick she tried it and she loved it. She said it was very easy to do so now every time she burns a candle and there's no more to burn she saves the leftovers.

Kohl's Glass Candle Holders
First, you will need an old pot, leftover candles, essential oils (optional), votive, cooking spray, and wax wicks. You can buy wax wick at any craft store it's available in various sizes the one I use was 2" long.
Leftover Candles
Add the pot on the stove and turn on heat to low to medium let it warm up, spray the pot, and add the leftover candles. You may have the metal part still connected to the leftover candle from the previous wick don't worry about it add the candle in the pot. Once the candle melts completely use a utensil or a toothpick to pick it out and throw it away. It may take up 10 to 20 minutes or longer depending on how much you candles you have leftover.

wick, candles
While your candle is melting in the pot have your votive or candles holders ready add your wax wick in the middle of the votive, and pour your melted candle in your votive. 

Melted Candle
If you wish you can add a few drops of essential oil in the candle to give it a nice scent such as lavender, eucalyptus, or peppermint which ever you like.

Reuse Candle
Wait about 20 to 30 minutes for it to fully dry and then it'll be ready to be lit enjoy your reuse new candle.

Would you try this method or would you buy an already made candle?

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