Hurricane Sandy & The Aftermath

We prepare for Hurricane Sandy we bought many can goods, lots of water and a few batteries for our flashlights and for our battery-operated radio.  Just in case, our power goes out.  Hey, you never know.  Oh, and filled up our gas tanks.  We felt ready for this storm.

During the Hurricane, we felt the house shake, we heard the wind whistling, we saw the pine tree from next-door (empty house) up rooted and it fell on the house and saw a cable wire loose swaying through all this wind from the light pole across the street.  It was a long night until about 9:50 pm the power went all out.  It was pitch black.  Luckily, a week before the storm around our way there was a garage sale I bought all a bag full of candles for $7.00.  I started lighting up candles all around the house and turned on the radio to hear of any news on of the storm.

A few months ago, we were looking into generators the ones that are installed to the house not the portable ones, but this company was asking for $9,000 and they offer 6-month financing.  Are they crazy?  Really???  Maybe, we should think about a portable generator they are less expensive but doable.  We are still undecided on whether to purchase one or not.

The next morning we got up still no power.  I prepared breakfast we got dressed and went outside to see the Aftermath of Sandy.  The  roof of the house has a few missing shingles, the gutters are all gone only two attached to the house, the garage roof definitely needs more repairs then the house, and one of the posts to the fence needs a replacement.  After inspecting the house and the property, we decided to take a ride around the neighborhood.

 As I am driving, I see in the apartment complex down the street from me a tree down and underneath the tree, about four parked cars damaged and stuck.  In the neighborhood, many traffic lights are out, lots of trees uprooted and down.  It was chaos without the traffic lights working.

Once, we got home around 12:30 pm the power was restore.  One of our neighbor said the power came on around 11 am.  We were happy but worried for our family, friends, and others who have lost their power.