Lysol Power & Free Multi-Purpose Cleaner with Hydrogen Peroxide

I received Lysol Power & Free from BzzAgent in exchange for a review along with coupons to share with family and friends.  All opinions are 100% my own.

My experience with both Lysol Power & Free Multi-Purpose Cleaners with Hydrogen Peroxide it cleans very well I use the products in my dogs' eating area.

Ok, I use the spray twice a week on Jupiter's food stand not his bowls to freshen up his area with a light citrus sparkle zest scent not overpowering at all and I use the wipes daily after his food intake he is a messy eater. I loved the wipes and it's cleaning capabilities, but I didn't like the oxygen splash scent to much.

It is safe for my Jupiter it has no harsh chemicals nor bleach it kills 99% of bacteria and it dries quickly. I didn't have to use gloves to protect my hands from using the product. 
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