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To be honest I've seen these Jarritos in the supermarkets but never thought of buying those type of sodas it looks too sweet to drink. Looks can be deceiving once I've checked out the video it kind of changed my mind on what they add to these little jugs here is the story of how Jarritos became so popular.

Jarritos @ Around Our Way

There motto "We're Jarritos and We're not from here" the most cherished soda in Mexico. Jarritos in English means little jars or jugs these fruity sodas were created by Francisco "El Guero" Hill in the 1950's.

He created Jarritos in his dining room table by adding all natural flavors such as fresh fruits and real sugar. There's no high-fructose corn syrup in these fruity sodas. All of Mexico loved it and his family including his wife, but she just wanted her dining table back.

Don Francisco added many exotic flavors mandarins, limes, grapefruits, tamarinds, pineapples, hibiscus, mangoes, quava and he worked closely with local growers to ensure the bests were use for Jarritos. By the 1960's it was shared in the United States. Since the creation of Jarritos until now the recipe has not change.

View the history of Jarritos  for yourself

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