Gothic Romance Novels

Last year, I started to read Gothic romance novels and I could actually say I love it. In my younger years I watched Gothic romance movies such as Jane Eyre, Pride & Prejudice, Sense & Sensibility and many more which I can't recall this instance and I still do. But, I have to say the movies leave so much out oppose to reading the novels it has more information.

Well, I can say I am a proud owner of Meridon by Philippa Gregory the author who wrote The Other Boyeln Girl, which was created into a movie. (You gotta see the movie) Can you believe I bought this book at the thrift store at a very cheap price plus it was 25%off . If I'm not mistaken I think for about no less than 2 bucks.

Another book I own is the Complete Novels of Jane Austen which I'm currently reading. I actually didn't read this book from the beginning. Pride & Prejudice and Sense & Sensibility are included in the novel I saw them on the premium channels so I started to read North Abbenger, Mansfield Park, and Lady Susan. Once, I was done reading the previous novels I decided to read the ones I saw on TV. I bought it on Ebay for about eleven bucks.

The last book which I recently purchase and own is Treasury Of World Masterpieces The Bronte Sisters it has 3 novels Wuthering Heights, The Tenant of Wildfell Hall, and Jane Eyre. I haven't read this one, yet. But, I did see Jane Eyre the movie and I'm happy to announce when I'm ready to read this book I will start from the beginning being that Jane Eyre is the last novel to read. (hehehe) I paid $6.07 plus free shipping on Ebay. What a deal!!!

Publishers' Information

It has gilts or golden color all around the edges of the pages.

Was this book a deal or what?


Thrift Store Finds

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I would like to share with you my Thursday Thrift Store Finds.

 I have a project in the works for the French Bucket Vase .

The Easter Tree with decorative eggs it has a few broken branches, but it's facing towards the
back no one is going to notice a few missing branches. 

On my last trip I missed buying the pitcher and last week I was in luck I found a white pitcher, four ceramic hand painted eggs and an Easter Bunny. Do you know where are these going? Oh, heck I'll tell you. It's going on the mantle.

Heart Shape baking pan or mold I will save it for next Valentines' Day.

Muffin pan for crafts, only. It didn't come like that... baking spray was added for a craft this weekend.

Along, with a few votive and pillar candles and a few children's book. I took my daughter with me she got too happy picking out books and a few stationery/stickers for her scrapbook.

Check out my receipt, do you think it was worth the money?


Candelabra: Updates

The above candle holder or the correct term for it is Candelabra is a Thrift Store find. The actual price was $2.00 and if you go on Thursdays all items are 20% off. You guessed it I got it on a Thursday.

It has very nice features, but I wasn't feeling the color. There were a few discolored spots I've decided to spray paint the Candelabra white. This is my first attempt to spray paint something and I like the end results.

So, from that (see above) to this (see below).

What do you guys think?

Oh yeah, I'm working on my Easter Mantle a work in progress.


Garden: Cutting Flowers

I've met a new Twitter friend @growwit loves all things green such as gardening, indoor plants, and nature in general.

I'm pretty new to gardening and I was curious as to what type of cutting flowers I should plant in my garden so I tweeted the following...

@growwit I'm loving your blog. I have 1 ? I'm planning my spring garden. What will be good cutting flowers 4 me 2 add?

And the respond I received...

@nancysoffice I love cutting flowers and should follow your example :) Here are some good suggestions for plants http://ow.ly/1fiPF

OMG, there is a huge list of cutting flowers I don't know where to begin I have to do a lot of research especially searching for cutting flowers in my time zone.

What type of cutting flowers do you have in your garden?