What Are Your Updates?

I’ve been posting about my thrifting days lately so let me give you a little update on what I’m currently doing and thinking of…

I painted my bathroom I am about finish with it; the walls are bare and needs some other colors beside gray/white/light blue.  I was thinking of adding an accent color like yellow.  I was checking out bella gracewall d├ęcor to see if I can conjure up some ideas. Another thing I need to finish up is adding the caulk tape instead of using the tube it’s less messy and simpler for the bathtub.  Also, I’m looking for a mirror for the bathroom with a fancy frame.

I was in Old Navy and took advantage of the 40% off last week and yesterday had to exchange a couple of items at Old Navy, which they had 30% off so I bought couple of items.  I was looking at some sandals but nothing caught my eye only a couple of shorts for my daughter. I use to own a pair of sandals long time ago although they were not cute they were so comfortable.  I saw some cheap Birkenstocks for women.  I found a few sandals on sale but I still think it’s too pricey.

Has anyone tried body adhesive?  I’ve heard of it but I never tried it before I guess it’s convenient for stockings.  I remember when I wore stockings it always slide down and I use to pull them up all the time it was frustrating.  If I had known then what I know now “it stays body adhesive walmart” would have been handy then.

What are you guys up to?