Gothic Romance Novels

Last year, I started to read Gothic romance novels and I could actually say I love it. In my younger years I watched Gothic romance movies such as Jane Eyre, Pride & Prejudice, Sense & Sensibility and many more which I can't recall this instance and I still do. But, I have to say the movies leave so much out oppose to reading the novels it has more information.

Well, I can say I am a proud owner of Meridon by Philippa Gregory the author who wrote The Other Boyeln Girl, which was created into a movie. (You gotta see the movie) Can you believe I bought this book at the thrift store at a very cheap price plus it was 25%off . If I'm not mistaken I think for about no less than 2 bucks.

Another book I own is the Complete Novels of Jane Austen which I'm currently reading. I actually didn't read this book from the beginning. Pride & Prejudice and Sense & Sensibility are included in the novel I saw them on the premium channels so I started to read North Abbenger, Mansfield Park, and Lady Susan. Once, I was done reading the previous novels I decided to read the ones I saw on TV. I bought it on Ebay for about eleven bucks.

The last book which I recently purchase and own is Treasury Of World Masterpieces The Bronte Sisters it has 3 novels Wuthering Heights, The Tenant of Wildfell Hall, and Jane Eyre. I haven't read this one, yet. But, I did see Jane Eyre the movie and I'm happy to announce when I'm ready to read this book I will start from the beginning being that Jane Eyre is the last novel to read. (hehehe) I paid $6.07 plus free shipping on Ebay. What a deal!!!

Publishers' Information

It has gilts or golden color all around the edges of the pages.

Was this book a deal or what?

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