Garden: Cutting Flowers

I've met a new Twitter friend @growwit loves all things green such as gardening, indoor plants, and nature in general.

I'm pretty new to gardening and I was curious as to what type of cutting flowers I should plant in my garden so I tweeted the following...

@growwit I'm loving your blog. I have 1 ? I'm planning my spring garden. What will be good cutting flowers 4 me 2 add?

And the respond I received...

@nancysoffice I love cutting flowers and should follow your example :) Here are some good suggestions for plants http://ow.ly/1fiPF

OMG, there is a huge list of cutting flowers I don't know where to begin I have to do a lot of research especially searching for cutting flowers in my time zone.

What type of cutting flowers do you have in your garden?
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