Scott Brand Toilet Paper

I was running low on toilet paper and hand towels my go to store is Family Dollar it’s a couple of blocks from me and it’s nearby.  I’m looking thru the paper towel aisle I notice, Bounty Basics is on sale for $6. There was a woman looking at the same thing she commented the price isn’t bad especially it being Bounty Brand. Yes, I did I took the hand towels 8 rolls for $6.  Ok, next to the toilet paper aisle and picked my Scott brand bathroom tissues 12 rolls for $5.50 at regular price.

I was walking to the register and notice the same woman walking next to me and I saw she was carrying the Cottonelle bathroom tissues. We both got in line and started to chitchat about the brands we each use in our homes. She asked me, what’s the difference between both brands?  We began to discuss the price, ply, and thickness of the toilet paper and I replied with how I use to like the thickness & softness of Cottonelle, but it was too thick for my septic system and for our personal use.

My house structure is from the late 1920’s I have a very old septic system any other brand of toilet paper would clog up my toilet. I had to switch to Scott brand I think when Scott  invented  the toilet paper it thought about us and it was also thinking about our septic systems, too. She told me in surprise her toilet clogs up all the time she never thought it would be the toilet paper. She has been using Cottonelle bathroom tissues for years. I can see it in her face she was thinking about switching from Cottonelle to Scott Brand, but in the end, she remained with Cottonelle Brand at check out.

Since, I’ve been using Scott Brand my septic system has not clogged up at all. Well, not from toilet paper. It has been part of our daily needs and it will continue to do so I’m not going back to anything else. I’m a member of Scott Share Values  become a member you’ll receive great deals and rewards sign up it’s free.

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