DramaFever: Historical Fiction Telenovelas/Shows Online with English Subtitles

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I'm a huge fan of historical fiction books, so when DramaFever contacted me about their online telenovelas or shows I had to check it out. I love it! 

My favorite is Isabel  I of Castile, she finds herself in the royal court of 15th-century Spain, ruled by greed, lust, lies, and, above all, an insatiable hunger for power. To all Historical Fiction fans you will definitely love ISABEL. 

Another one I plan to watch is Red Eagle (Aguila Roja) a masked hero who fights injustice in 17th century Spain as a Ninja and he's seeking to find his wife's killer. This one is great for anyone who loves action & adventure shows. 

Both shows are in Spanish with English subtitles I'm a big fan of subtitle movies, too. I went through the first episode listening in Spanish and reading the subtitles in English I was having a Spanglish moment. 

Would you like to watch these novelas online?  

Of, course you do I'm thrilled to announce DramaFever is giving Around Our Way blog readers a free one-month Premium membership pass. This pass gives you unlimited ad-free access to the entire content library of telenovelas and international shows, and the ability to watch in your iPhone or Android, Google TV and Roku platforms in HD! 

Only emails are accepted sign up begin your one month premium free pass view their largest online video site of international televised content.

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