If I Should Die Before My Dog Book Review

Sponsor: Channel Islands Book Tours provided If I Should Die Before My Dog book to Around Our Way for review.

I have never thought of what if something happens to me who’s going to care for Jupiter or if I'm unable to physically care for him. Some dogs are lucky and have a home to go to; others are not so fortunate and they end up in animal shelters or in unwanted homes. I know for sure I don't want Jupiter in neither of those places I want him in a place where I know he'll be looked after and in a home where he'll be understood making his transition easy and comfortable.

When I was reading If I Should Die Before My Dog book I got stuck at the page where you need to fill out “Where Will I Go Now” this is the part where I fill out the name of the person who is going to care for him. Honestly, I had no clue who would end up with Jupiter so I skipped that page and continue reading the book.

When I finish reading the book I can happily say I'm very grateful to have this book in my possession here's why...

If I Should Die Before My Dog is a great guide it prepares the new owner how to care for your dog. You can fill out his personal info, such as his name, where he came from, and his medical history along with his good or bad habits, and other vital information which will help your dog and the new owner in his new home. 

I will definitely recommend If I Should Die Before My Dog book it should be in each dogs home and  stored in a well hidden place or put it in with your important documents think of it as a Will.

Meet the Authors...

Joe & Cathy Connolly wrote If I Should Die Before My Dog within 3 months based on their own life experience with the loss of Cathy's parents their dog Miss Mandy, the Pomeranian was left behind luckily Cathy's brother took over Mandy's care.

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